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Hosea Chemical signed products agency contract with a large enterprise in the industrial park


On February 19, Hosea Chemical held a product purchase and sales agreement meeting. Haijian, general manager of Hosea Chemical, attended the meeting and put forward work requirements. It is necessary to clarify the division of responsibilities, adhere to targeted thinking, highlight practicality and efficiency, and make every effort to speed up the cooperation process between the company and Weifang Binhai Chemical Industrial Park. Deputy General Manager Chi Qingfeng presided over the meeting. Wang Yongzhi, Li Farong and Li Jinjun, members of the leadership team of the group company, attended the meeting.

At the meeting, all relevant departments and units reported on the product agency agreement and the problems encountered in the sales process, and put forward opinions and suggestions. Assistant General Manager Wang Longxue, Safety Director Wang Xichen, heads of relevant departments and units and information management personnel attended the meeting.