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Deep well temperature resistant drilling fluid


Scope of application:

It is used for operation in the lower deep well section and high temperature well section (> 150).

Basic formula (kg/m3):

Pre-hydrated soil                          10~20

Caustic                                          soda 3~5

Soda Ash                                      1~2

Polyanionic Cellulose PAC-LV      4~8

SPNH                                            10~20

SMP                                              10~20

PF-THIN                                        3~5

PF-TEX                                           5~10

Common performance:

FV:                                                45 ~ 65 s

MW:                                             1.20~1.80 g/cm3

YP:                                                10~20 lb/100ft2

Gel:                                               5~10/8~20

pH:                                                9~10

FL:                                                 ≤4ml

HTHP FL:                                       < 15ml

MBT:                                             < 45g/l

Maintenance processing:

a. Use caustic soda and soda ash to control the pH, Ca2+, Mg2+ concentration of the system;

b. The content of soil in the control system is at a low level, and pre-hydrated soil is added to control the filtration loss and improve the quality of the mud cake. Before adding, the rubber must be treated with a diluent such as PF-THIN;

c. Use polymer deflocculants such as PF-THIN or lignosulfonate (FCLS), sulfonated lignite (SMC), sulfonated tannin (SMT), etc. to control the sticking of mud; the high soil content of the system causes When the viscosity is too high, the method of diluting with dilute glue should be used first.

d. PF-JLX and PF-WLD can also be used in this system to improve the inhibition of the system, and the amount of PF-JLX must be more than 3%;

e. Adding PF-TEX to enhance the anti-slump ability of the system; SMP and SPNH are used to control the HTHP fluid loss.

Deep well temperature resistant drilling fluid Deep well temperature resistant drilling fluid Deep well temperature resistant drilling fluid