Zinc sulfate Heptahydrate

Zinc sulfate Heptahydrate: Appearance is white crystal powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, gradually weathered in dry air.

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Product Description

【English name】: Zinc sulfate Heptahydrate

【CAS number】: 7446-20-0

【Molecular formula】: ZnSO4·7(H2O)

【Quality execution standard】: HG/T2326-2015

【Physical properties】: Appearance is white crystal powder, soluble in water, slightly soluble in ethanol, gradually weathered in dry air.

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【Production process】: Low-grade zinc oxide (containing more than 40% Zn) is reacted with water and sulfuric acid to prepare a zinc sulfate solution. Use the prepared zinc sulfate solution to pass the slag through a filter press, and then add zinc powder to replace it to remove copper, cadmium, etc. Impurities, after the oxidation and iron removal purification process of potassium permanganate, a zinc sulfate heptahydrate solution is obtained. Then the solution for producing zinc sulfate heptahydrate is sent to the secondary displacer, heated to 90°C, and then zinc powder is added to replace and remove impurities. After filtering and clarification, a refined zinc sulfate solution is obtained, which is evaporated and concentrated until a large amount of crystals are precipitated. Centrifuge dehydration, and the mother liquor can be cooled to obtain zinc sulfate heptahydrate.

【Quality Index】:

Content in terms of (Zn),% ≥22.51

Content calculated as (ZnSO4·7(H2O),% ≥99.0

Lead (Pb) content,% ≤0.001

Iron (Fe) content,% ≤0.002

Manganese (Mn) content,% ≤ 0.001

Cadmium (Cd) content,% ≤0.001

【The main purpose】

1. Used to prepare zinc supplements, astringent drugs, etc.

2. Used as mordant, wood preservative, bleaching agent in paper industry, also used in medicine, man-made fiber, electrolysis, electroplating, pesticide and production of zinc salt, etc.

3. Zinc sulfate is a zinc supplement in feed. It is a component of many enzymes, proteins, ribose, etc. in animals. It participates in carbohydrate and fat metabolism, and can catalyze the mutual conversion of pyruvate and lactic acid to promote growth. Insufficient zinc can easily cause parakeratosis, stunted development and hair deterioration, and can affect the reproductive function of animals. use

4. Zinc sulfate is a permitted food zinc fortifier. Our country stipulates that it can be used for table salt, and the usage amount is 500mg/kg; in infant food, it is 113~318mg/kg; in dairy products, it is 130~250mg/kg; in cereals and their products, it is 80~160mg/kg; in In drinking liquids and milk drinks, it is 22.5 to 44 mg/kg.

5. Used in artificial fiber coagulation liquid.

6. In the printing and dyeing industry, it is used as a mordant and an anti-alkali agent for varamine blue salt dyeing.

7. It is the main raw material for manufacturing inorganic pigments (such as zinc barium white), other zinc salts (such as zinc stearate, basic zinc carbonate) and zinc-containing catalysts.

8. Used as wood and leather preservative, bone glue clarification and preservative.

9. Used as an emetic in the pharmaceutical industry.

10. It can also be used to prevent diseases in fruit tree nurseries and to manufacture cables and zinc micro-fertilizers.

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