Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate

Hosea Chem®, as a exporter of Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate, has engaged in production, development, and marketing of Sodium Dichromate Dihydrate for over 10 years.

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Product Description

Sodium dichromate dihydrate Na2Cr2O7.2(H2O) 98.5% / Disodium Chromate

Sodium dichromate (Na2Cr2O7) is a orange solid chemical compound used as a corrosion inhibitor in the petroleum industry, a dyeing auxiliary in the textile industry, as a wood preservative, and as a diagnostic pharmaceutical in determining red blood cell volume.

Sodium Dichromate Application:

  • It can be used to make chromium(chromic anhydride, chromium oxide green, potassium dichromate, etc), basic sky blue dye, saccharin, and oxidant used to produce synthesis camphor and synthesis fiber.

  • In pharmaceutical industry, it can be used as oxidant in making amine benzene alum, folic acid, Leifunuer etc.

  • In printing and dying industry, it can be post_treatment agency of aniline dyes and oxidant of acid dyes.

  • In plating industry, it can be used to passivate the materials after galvanization to increase brightness.

  • In leather industry, it can be used to tan the materials.

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