HOSEA CHEM® Povidone appears as white or yellowish powder or aqueous solution. It is soluble in water and a variety of organic solvents. It has good hygroscopicity, film-forming capability, complexation and physiological compatibility.

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Product Description

Name:  Polyvinylpyrrolidone (Povidone)         

CAS No.:  9003-39-8


Molecular Formula:  (C6H9NO)n

China|Povidone|Polyvinylpyrrolidone|Povidonum-Hosea Chem

Quality Standard:  CP/USP/EP

Packing: Liquid is packed in 40/ 60kg/plastic drum; solid is packed in 25kg/fiber drum

20'FCL: 9000 Kgs (18 drum/pallet)

Specification- Quality Standard

Povidone K15 Powder    

 K value    NVP(%)  Moisture(%)   Residue on ignition(%)   Heavy metal(ppm)   Aldehydes (%)   Nitrogen(%)   Hydrazine(ppm)  Peroxide(ppm)  PH

13.5-16.2   <0.001     <5.0                 <0.1                                <10                          <0.05               11.5-12.8             <1                     <400            3-5

Povidone K17 Powder 

 K value  NVP(%)  Moisture(%)   Residue on ignition(%)  Heavy metal(ppm)   Aldehydes (%)  Nitrogen(%)   Hydrazine(ppm)   Peroxide(ppm)   PH 

15.3-18.4   <0.001    <5.0                     <0.1                                <10                       <0.05           11.5-12.8          <1                      <400               3-5

Povidone K25 Powder 

 K value  NVP(%)  Moisture(%)   Residue on ignition(%)  Heavy metal(ppm)  Aldehydes (%)  Nitrogen(%)  Hydrazine(ppm)  Peroxide(ppm)   PH 

22.5-27.0 <0.001   <5.0                    <0.1                                <10                      <0.05              11.5-12.8            <1                 <400                 3-5


Povidone K30 Powder 

 K value   NVP(%)   Moisture(%)    Residue on ignition(%)  Heavy metal(ppm)   Aldehydes (%)  Nitrogen(%)  Hydrazine(ppm)  Peroxide(ppm)  PH

27.0-33.4 <0.001      <5.0                   <0.1                                <10                      <0.05               11.5-12.8             <1                  <400               3-5

Povidone K90 Powder 

 K value  NVP(%)  Moisture(%)  Residue on ignition(%)  Heavy metal(ppm)  Aldehydes (%)  Nitrogen(%)   Hydrazine(ppm)  Peroxide(ppm)   PH

88.0-96.0 <0.001  <5.0                    <0.1                                <10                    <0.05              11.5-12.8                  <1               <400                4-7

Povidone Application

In Pharmaceutical Industry

PVP-K possess excellent adhesive,film-forming,dispersing and thickening properties,and are widely used in the pharmaceutical industry.

1. Low molecular weight Povidone, often used as a solubilizing agent, crystallization inhibitor and suspension stabilizer in injection and ophthalmic formulations such as PVP K15, K17.

2. Medium Molecular Povidone, often used as binder in tablets,capsules and granules, as a stabilizer for oral suspensions,film-forming agent,solubilizing agent, dispersant for pigments, as an enzyme stabilizer and to improve bioavailability such as PVP K25,K30.

3. High molecular Povidone, as highly effective binder, often used as stabilizer in oral and topical suspension, as a thickener, hydropylizing agent such as PVP K90.

In Cosmetic Industry

PVP-K are used widely in a wide range in hair care, skin care & oral care products.The products are particularly suitable for formulations where viscosity modification and film forming properties are required. PVP-K products are particularly suited to hair styling products. The medium molecular weights such as PVP K30 are preferred where viscosity is critical in applications, for example, spray. The higher molecular weight products such as PVP K90 are the best choice where high viscosity are required in applications. PVP-K is widely used in cosmetics as followings:

1. Hair Gels

2. Hair mousses

3. Liquid hair setting preparations

4. Pump Sprays

Industrial Application

1. Suspensant, disperser and emulsifier                         

2. Glass fiber

3.  Detergent                                                             

4. Plastics and resin

5. Ink, paint and coating

6. Textile dying and printing                                        

7. Film and adhesive                                                              

8. TV tube


Stored in cool & ventilation place; Away from fire and heat, handle with care; No breakage, avoid leakage.

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