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Product Description

Product Name: Phenothiazine (PTZ)

Molecular Formula: C12H9NS

Molecular Weight: 199.28

Cas No.: 92-84-2

EC No.: 202-196-5

Product Quality Standard:

Appearance: Light yellow powder or samll flaky or granules

Purity %: ≥ 99

Melting point: ≥ 183 ℃

Moisture:  ≤ 0.1

Residue on ignition: ≤ 0.1


Phenothiazine is mainly used as excellent polymerization inhibitor for vinyl monomers, and is widely used in the production of acrylic acid, acrylate, methacrylic acid and esters, vinyl acetate, etc.

It can also be used in the synthesis of drugs and dyes, polyether, antioxidant and rubber antioxidant;

It can also used as livestock insecticide, fruit tree insecticide,etc.


The container should be sealed and stored in cool, dry, ventilated place. Keep it moisture-proof, avoid sunshine and keep away from heat source.


Kraft paper bags lined with polyethylene film bags, Net weight: 25kg. This product could also be packed according to customer's needs.

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