Granular Zinc Chloride

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Product Description

Granular Zinc Chloride

Molecular Formula: ZnCl2

Molecular Weight: 136.29

Solidifying Proportion: 2.91

HS Code: 2827399000

Cas No.: 7646-85-7

UN No.: 2331

Granular Zinc Chloride Granular Zinc Chloride Granular Zinc Chloride

1. Produced and tested according to the department standard HG/T2323-2019.

The content of Zinc Chloride ,as the main index has reached above 98%(beyond normal requirements);other indexes have reached of exceeded the normal requirements .The rate of excellent products is 100%.

2. Throughput: 80000 tons/year.

3. Main use:Used as electrolyte substance of batteries , Zinc Galvanizing,Medicine intermediates, Pesticide intermediates , Coal washing; Dehydration or condensing agent in organic compound industry; Activator of cation exchange resin; Impregnant in producing PAN Polyacrylonitrile;Intermedium dyeing agent,silk luster agent,and sizing sgent in textile industry ,Be used to produce active dyestuff and cation dyestuff.

4. Packaging:Woven outer packaging with 2 pieces of inner plastic bags(25KGS/50/1000KGS)50KGS pasteboard bucket;50KGS iron drum etc.We can provide the highest and value services to meeting your requirements.

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