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Product Description

Chemical name: Gamma-Butyrolactone

Synonyms: Butyrolactone; GBL; γ-BLO

CAS No.: 96-48-0

EINECS No.: 202-509-5

Formula: C4H6O2

Molecular Weight: 86.09

Chemical Structure:

China|Gamma-Butyrolactone|Manufacturer|Supplier|Factory|CAS 96-48-0


Appearance: Colorless transparent liquid 

Density,20℃,g/cm3: 1,13

Boilingpoint,℃: 204~205

Meltingpoint,℃: -45

Flash point,℃: 98

Refractiveindex: 1.436

Solubility: Can be miscible with water and the general organic solvent.

Slightly soluble in aliphatic hydrocarbons.


Items                         ElectronicGrade               TechnicalGrade

Assay, %                         ≥99.9                               ≥99.5

Water, Wt.-%                 ≤0.05                               ≤0.05

Colour, APHA                ≤10                                  ≤20

Cu. Wt,-ppb                  ≤50                                      /

Fe, Wt.- ppb                 ≤50                                      /

Zn, Wt.- ppb                 ≤50                                     /

K, Wt.- ppb                   ≤50                                     /   

Na, Wt.- ppb                 ≤50                                    /

Li, Wt.- ppb                   ≤50                                    /

Be, Wt.- ppb                 ≤50                                    /

Ca, Wt.- ppb                 ≤50                                    /

Cr, Wt.- ppb                  ≤50                                   /

Mn, Wt.- ppb                ≤50                                   /

Co, Wt.- ppb                 ≤50                                   /

Ni, Wt.- ppb                  ≤50                                   /



1. Pyrrolidone

Raw material for synthesizing α-Pyrrolidone, N-Methylpyrrolidone, Pyrrolidone Vinyl Pyrrolidone, Acetyl-γ-butyrolactone, Cyclopropylamine.

2. Pesticide

Synthesizing pesticides, herbicides, ciprofloxacin, vitamin B1, chlorophyll and other intermediates. Also used in the synthesis of chlorophenoxy butyric acid herbicides, plant growth regulator 3-Indolebutyric acid.

3. Petrochemical 

Used as a primer for butadiene, aromatics, and highergreases.

4. Fiber 

Used as acrylonitrile fiber spinning solvent, wool, nylon, acrylonitrile and other fiberdyeingauxiliaries 

5. Electronic

As a proton type of strongs olvent,can dissolve most of the low molecular polymer and part of the polymer, can be used as a battery electrolyte to replace the strong corrosive acid.

6. Other Flavors andfragrances

7.Other InkSolution

Storage And Package

Keep tightly closed, store in a cool dry place.

200kg/Steel Drum,16mt (20pallet) /20'ft

1100kg/IBC, 22mt/20'ft

China|Gamma-Butyrolactone|Manufacturer|Supplier|Factory|CAS 96-48-0 China|Gamma-Butyrolactone|Manufacturer|Supplier|Factory|CAS 96-48-0 China|Gamma-Butyrolactone|Manufacturer|Supplier|Factory|CAS 96-48-0

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