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Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrite


Name: Sodium Nitrite


CAS NO: 7632-00-0

EC NO: 231-555-9

UN: 1500

Molecular formula: NaNO2

Molecular weight: 68.99 

Physical properties

Appearance is white or slightly yellowish crystal, granular, rod or powder, relative molecular weight 68.99, specific gravity 2.168, hygroscopic. Soluble in 1.5 parts of cold water, 0.6 parts of boiling water, slightly soluble in ethanol. Odorless, slightly salty, deliquescent, soluble in water, melting point 271°C, decomposition temperature 320°C, oxidizing and reducing. It will slowly oxidize into sodium nitrate in the air, and it is easy to form diazonium compound at low temperature.

Chemical properties

Its aqueous solution is alkaline, a strong oxidizing agent and reducing.

It will gradually oxidize in the air, and the surface will turn into sodium nitrate. It will decompose when heated above 320°C, and it can also be oxidized by oxidants; it will decompose with weak acid and release brown nitrogen dioxide gas; contact with organic matter and reducing agent can cause explosion or combustion. And release toxic and irritating nitrogen oxide gas; it can also be oxidized when encountering strong oxidants, especially ammonium salts, such as ammonium nitrate, ammonium persulfate, etc., can interact with each other at room temperature to generate high heat, causing combustibles to burn. Oxidizing, can burn and explode in contact with organic matter, and release toxic and irritating nitrogen peroxide and nitrogen oxide gas.

Sodium nitrite is poisonous, the median lethal dose (rat, oral) 180mg/kg, there are rumors that sodium nitrite is a carcinogen, but in fact sodium nitrite is not a carcinogen, the carcinogen is sodium nitrite in Nitrosamines generated under certain conditions, in the sodium nitrite molecule, the valence of nitrogen is +3. It is an intermediate compound state, which has both reducing and oxidizing properties. For example, KI can be oxidized to elemental iodine in acidic solution.

Product Usage

  • used to make nitro compounds

  • Raw materials for azo dyes, etc.

  • Mordants and bleaches for fabric dyeing

  • Used as metal heat treatment agent

  • Cement dry strength agent and antifreeze


  • This product should be stored in a cool, dry place, away from moisture, heat and sunlight.

  • This product shall not be mixed with strong reducing agents, flammable and explosive materials, food, feed and additives.

  • This product is poisonous, should be kept properly, do not eat by mistake.

Product Technical Quality Standards


Product main technical parameters

  • Sodium nitrite        ≥                99.0%     98.5%      98.0%

  • Sodium nitrate      ≤                 0.8%       1.0%        1.9%

  • Chloride                ≤                 0.10         0.17         --

  • Water insoluble    ≤                 0.05         0.06         0.10

  • Moisture               ≤                 1.4           2.0           2.5

Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrite Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrite Product Introduction of Sodium Nitrite