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PH value regulator-drilling fluid material


PH value regulator-drilling fluid material


Since some mud additives have acidic pH and the pH of some mud systems will change, some substances need to be added to increase the pH of the mud system. Many mud additives are acidic.


The three most commonly used pH regulators are sodium hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide. The use of sodium hydroxide is much more common, while the other two are often used in specially designed mud systems.




1. All three additives can increase the pH value.

2. Because of potassium ions and calcium ions, both potassium hydroxide and calcium hydroxide have strong inhibitory properties. These two products are generally added to mud to be used as a series of suppression products.




1. Can cause severe burns to the skin.

2. Both are quite corrosive to the equipment.

3. Due to the high activity of sodium ions, sodium hydroxide is easy to cause dispersion in bentonite shale.


Warning: pH regulators must be handled with care. Chemical barrels are used, and it is prohibited to use funnels or pour directly into the system.

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