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Introduction of Potassium Hydroxide


Introduction of Potassium Hydroxide

Chemical formula: KOH

The reaction mechanism:

KCl + H2O → H2↑+ Cl2↑ + KOH

  • Using 30% potassium hydroxide solution produced by electrolysis, solidified and sliced by evaporation system

  • System slicing produces finished products.

Executive standard

  • GB/T 1919-2000 Industrial Potassium Hydroxide

  • GB 25575-2010 Food additive potassium hydroxide

Physicochemical properties

Colorless transparent liquid or white flaky solid, strong alkaline and corrosive, moderately toxic, easily soluble and deliquescence;

When exposed to air, it reacts with CO2 and changes its properties, and when it coexists with some organic matter, its properties change.

Main use

  • Electrochemistry: for LCD, crystal cleaners, etching, electroplating, battery production

  • Light industry: production of potassium soap, cosmetics (such as cold cream, vanishing cream and shampoo);

  • Textile industry: printing, dyeing, bleaching and mercerizing, and is widely used as the main raw material for the manufacture of man-made fibers and polyester fibers;

  • Medicine: used in the production of potassium borohydride, progesterone, vanillin, spironolactone, saparinol, testosterone propionate, etc.;

  • Used in metallurgical heating agent and leather degreasing.

Introduction of Potassium Hydroxide Introduction of Potassium Hydroxide Introduction of Potassium Hydroxide