High End Chemicals

Shandong Hosea Chemical Co., Ltd. is engaged in the research and development, production and sales of high-end chemicals, the main high-end chemicals: phthalic anhydride, sodium methoxide, phenol, 2-propanol, polyformaldehyde, tetrahydrofuran, ethyl acetate, thiourea, chloroacetic acid, carboxymethyl starch sodium.

Hosea Chem is adjacent to eight major chemical parks in Shandong Province, which gather more than 500 large-scale chemical factory. There are many kinds of high-end chemicals in the chemical park. We have formed Quality control system,Price control system, Delivery time control system and Trade operation process system through the supply of domestic and foreign markets.

Hosea Chem manufacture and supply the highest quality sustained, stable and safe of high-end chemicals (phthalic anhydride, sodium methanol, phenol, 2-propanol, paraformaldehyde and ethyl acetate, tetrahydrofuran, thiourea, chloroacetic acid, sodium carboxymethyl starch), and reduce the customer's purchasing cost as own duty, with our professional, service and high added value,wehave won the praise of many customers.

The following is the main High End Chemicals:

1. phthalic anhydride

Phthalic anhydride is widely used, especially in the field of industrial chemical industry, and has a great prospect。

2. sodium methoxide

It is mainly used in the pharmaceutical industry, as a shrinkage agent, chemical reagent, edible oil processing catalyst in organic synthesis.

3. Phenol

Phenol is an important organic synthetic raw material, which can be used to produce phenolic plastics (bakelite), synthetic fibers (nylon), medicine, dyes, pesticides, etc.Phenol can coagulate protein and has bactericidal effect. The dilute solution of phenol is the earliest spray disinfectant used in medicine.

4. 2-propanol

Isopropanol is an important chemical product and raw material. It mainly used in pharmaceutical, cosmetics, plastics, spices, coatings and so on.

5. Polyformaldehyde

Parformaldehyde is mainly used in the production and use of herbicides, but also used to make synthetic resins (such as artificial horn products or artificial ivory) and adhesives.

At the same time used in the pharmaceutical industry (contraceptive cream effective ingredients) and pharmacy, clothing and bedding disinfection, paraformaldehyde can also be used as a fumigation disinfectant, disinfectant and insecticide.

6. Tetrahydrofuran

Tetrahydrofuran is widely used in surface coatings, protective coatings, inks, extractants and artificial leather surface treatments, and is a major solvent in the pharmaceutical industry.

7. Ethyl acetate

Ethyl acetate is a kind of important organic chemical raw material and industrial solvent, which is widely used.

8. Thiourea

It is used in the manufacture of drugs, dyes, resins, press-plastic powder, rubber vulcanization accelerator, metal mineral flotation agent and other raw materials.

9. Chloroacetic acid

It is used to determine zinc, calcium, silicon and titanium.Synthetic caffeine, epinephrine, aminoacetic acid, naphthalene acetic acid.Making all kinds of dyes.Rust remover.

10. Carboxymethyl starch sodium

Sodium carboxymethyl starch is a white amorphous powder, water absorption and expansion is very significant, is a good performance of disintegrating agent.

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